Weeks maintains an impressive fleet of ocean barges, along with inland service-deck, hopper, spud and material barges. Our high-powered vessels are available for short or long-term bareboat charters, and range in size from 90’ X 30’ to 340’ X 78’. Full-service yards on the East and Gulf Coasts offer mobilization services for equipment load-out and custom steel fabrications. Additionally, we offer a range of specialty vessels such as jack-up barges and floating-crane barges, which are also available for bareboat charter. Call for competitive rates.

Ocean Service Barges

Weeks' ocean-service barges are built to the standards of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and are certified for operation throughout the oceans of the world. ABS standards are maintained through Weeks' rigorous program of scheduled maintenance in conjunction with ABS-regulated dry dockings and annual inspections. With our large and diversified fleet of ABS barges, Weeks possesses the necessary resources to support a variety of ocean equipment and material transportation requirements.

Inland-service Barges

Our inland-service barges are designed for use in the protected waters of harbors, rivers, and bays, transporting materials and equipment to and from job sites. These barges are the workhorses of the marine-construction trade and can be found supporting small marina pile-driving and dredging jobs as well as major marine civil-works projects. Our diverse fleet offers deck, spud and hopper barges that accommodate the installation of equipment, such as crawler cranes and excavators, and transportation of a wide range of bulk materials.

Specialty Barges

Weeks Marine owns and operates two jack-up rigs, the Weeks 750, and the Weeks 751, equipped with revolving lift cranes. Each rig has four 500T hydraulic jacks and 72” diameter steel legs to elevate the hull, providing a safe, stable platform for crane operations. A four-point diesel anchor system allows for precise positioning in difficult-to-access locations during jacking operations. The Weeks 750 and 751 have ABS International Load Lines issued by the American Bureau of Shipping. Weeks also owns and operates a variety of tub-mounted, fully revolving cranes; models include American, Clyde, and Dravo. Our floating cranes have lifting capacities of up to 500 short tons and clam-shell buckets for duty cycle service up to 30 cubic yards. These rigs are regularly available through the Weeks Heavy Lift and Stevedore divisions; under certain circumstances, however, they may be chartered on bareboat charter terms.

Weeks Marine has a number of deck and hopper barges for hire that will suit the needs of many cargo types and shipping requirements.  Our barges are located at strategic points along the U.S. East and Gulf coasts. They are available for either short - or long - term charter on a bare boat basis.

Our barges vary in size from 100’ x 38’ x 9’ to 310’ x 100’ x 20’, with some having a maximum deck loading of 5,000 PSF. Our handy-sized 180’ x 54’ x 14’ barges have been used for a multitude of purposes and suit many different cargo needs.

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