Cerrejon P40 Phase I Expansion

Location: Puerto Bolivar, Colombia
Owner: Colombia
Completion Date: January 1, 2013
Categories: Construction, Container & Bulk Terminals

Weeks Marine was contracted to provide the W750 jack-up crane barge, W099 support deck barge, personnel, piledriving equipment, and ancillary equipment, to drive marine piles. Weeks’ scope of work included driving a total of 122 battered pipe piles (majority 1:3 batters), 36” and 42” inch diameter and up to 210’ long. The piles were driven through a template fixed to the jack-up barge with a vibratory hammer (HMC-76) and a diesel impact hammer (D-100).

Weeks carried out the pile driving operations in two 10-hour shifts per day, seven days a week in order to meet the client’s tight schedule requirements. Difficult conditions included sustained wind speeds of 30+ miles per hour every day and exposure to the open Caribbean Sea swells. The project was located in a remote work camp 2.5 hours (on a dirt road) from any sizeable town.

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