Cove Point LNG - Terminal Upgrades

Location: Cove Point, MD
Owner: Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP
Completion Date: January 1, 2011
Categories: Construction

North and South Berth upgrades at existing offshore terminal to increase berthing capacities to accommodate LNG carriers up to 267,000 m3.

Constructed 11 new mooring dolphins and reinforced 12 existing breasting dolphins. Outfitted dolphins with lighting, chafing guards, guardrails, quick release hooks and capstans. Set 2 gangways on concrete pads supported by 42” dia. steel piles at ea. service platform. Replaced marine operations and environmental monitoring system. Salvaged/reused existing NavAids.

Included steel driven piles from 36”-108” in diameter and up to 155’ long and large precast concrete segments and prefabricated steel assemblies using the W-532, American Revolver, 350-ton, heavy-lift crane barge.

Several senior managers at Weeks’ worked for Raymond Int’l who designed and sponsored the joint venture for the construction  of the original facility, the first major LNG terminal built on the East Coast in 1977.

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