Dredging & Capping

Location: Holcim Inc. (US) Flushing Terminal, NY
Owner: Holcim Inc. (US)
Completion Date: January 1, 2015
Categories: Construction, Environmental Dredging

Using an environmental bucket, Weeks dredged 8,100 CY of contaminated material within the terminal’s berth to a specific minimum elevation of -18 feet. The contaminated material was placed into a hopper barge, decanted, then transported offsite for processing and upland disposal. Upon completion of dredging, Weeks precisely placed approximately 3,000 cubic yards of clean sand cap in a minimum thickness on top of the dredged area. Weeks' crane barge was equipped with a DGPS system and Dredgepack® software for precise horizontal and vertical positioning of the bucket during both dredging and capping operations.

In addition to this on-site work, Weeks Marine assisted the client in finding a final disposal site for the dredge material. This included acquiring the necessary permits to transport the material from site to its final upland destination.

Weeks Marine also had to work in close coordination with the client since the facility is still active. Additionally, the jobsite was located less than 1 mile from the end of the runway at LaGuardia airport which required coordination and approval from the FAA and air traffic control tower.

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