Enterprise Dock 8

Location: Morgan's Point, TX
Owner: Enterprise Product Partners
Completion Date: September 1, 2016
Categories: Modular Construction, Energy, Construction

The project included the development of a dredging and disposal plan for approximately 500,000 CY of spoils, to be dredged as part of the conversion of an existing barge dock into a new ship dock.

Primary activities involved building the land-side project components, the placement of the pipe rack module, the dock module, field welding of the pile- to-dock splices, field welding of the dock piping to land piping, installation of the marine loading arms (MLA, not installed to mitigate conflicts with rigging), installation of the gangway system, and termination of electrical and control wiring. With gross dimensions of 60’ X 120’ and weighing 300 tons, the new dock featured four MLA, a gangway tower and fire suppression equipment.

As enhancements to the schedule, the dock module fabrication was performed on a concurrent basis with site work including demolition of the existing dock, construction of a new bulkhead, dredging of the new ship berth and installation of the new dock support piles.