Environmental Dredging And Capping – MGP Site

Location: Former West End Gas Plant, Jersey City, NJ
Owner: PSEG
Completion Date: January 1, 2014
Categories: Construction, Environmental Dredging

Weeks dredged 6,500 CY of contaminated MGP material by removing a 3 foot thick layer from the existing river bottom with a 9 CY environmental bucket. The dredge area was located on a steep slope which dropped as much as 30 feet over the area’s 75 foot width. The contaminated material was placed into a hopper barge, decanted, then transported offsite for processing and upland disposal. A stone cap was placed over the top of the same sloping dredged area after the dredging was completed. Weeks' crane barge was equipped with a DGPS system and Dredgepack® software for precise horizontal and vertical positioning of the bucket during both dredging and capping operations. Barge and spud positioning was crucial throughout the project area because of close proximity to numerous submarine utilities, including natural gas lines, which crossed below the Hackensack River. Simultaneous setups of the crane operator’s positioning screen were provided to the spud operator and tugboat operator so that all parties involved in positioning the dredge could monitor in real-time.

Consultant / Engineer: AMEC

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