FDR Drive Rehabilitation

Location: New York, NY
Owner: City of New York
Completion Date: January 1, 2007
Categories: Construction, Causeways

Five-year project in the East River involving construction of a 0.35-mile outboard detour roadway bridge, installation of a floating fender system, rehabilitation of the FDR Drive between E53rd and E63rd streets, and complete demolition and removal of the detour bridge and fender system at conclusion of rehabilitation.

The 45 ft wide outboard bridge structure is comprised of steel caissons drilled to 100 ft depths in solid rock, steel superstructure, precast concrete deck, steel roof structure, and sound barrier panel system.

The fender system consists of fifty-two each 24” diameter grout tension anchors drilled to depths of 190 ft, thirteen floating steel dolphins held by 3½“ anchor chains, and 10 ft diameter steel floating breasting beams which run continuously for 0.57-mile.  Thirty-four of the grout anchors with chains were load tested to 330 tons in tension.

Weeks Marine self performed the drilling of all sixty-four 74” diameter rock sockets for the bridge caissons using Bauer BG-22 and BG-25 drill rigs working from stand alone platforms and the Weeks-751 jack-up barge.

The Weeks-750 jack-up barge was used as the platform to support drilling the tension anchors, which was performed both by a subcontractor using a Foremost DR-40 drill rig and by Weeks Marine using the BG-25.

This contract was a joint venture of Weeks Marine and Slattery Skanska, with Weeks responsible for all waterborne work, and Slattery for all landside work.

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