Freeport LNG Dock Expansion

Location: Freeport, TX
Owner: Freeport LNG Expansion L.P.
Completion Date: March 1, 2017
Categories: Platforms, LNG, Liquids & Petrochemical Terminals, Energy

Weeks was selected as the EPC marine contractor for the design, procurement and construction of the jetty platform (Dock 2).  This consisted of a cylinder pile (54" dia.) supported structure with dimensions of 100-ft along the ship berth by 90-ft deep.  Also included in the project were six (6) mooring dolphin monopiles, four (4) breasting dolphin monopiles (96" dia.) along with catwalks connecting the dolphins to the platform and two land access points. The approach and pipe support trestles served as the connecting link between the shore and the jetty platform. A cylinder pile (54" dia.) was driven for the tidal current diversion wall at the northeast end of the LNG basin. Dredging of 1,188,000cy was  disposed of offshore. Shoreline and scour protection revetment stone were placed at Dock 1 and Dock 2  with demolition of the existing shoreline block material occurred at Dock 1. Fenders and fender panels were placed on the breasting dolphins, while quick release mooring hooks were installed on the dolphins.  This provided a mooring and dock navigational aid system and also set four (4) marine loading arms.

All engineering, detail design, procurement, supply, fabrication, installation and commissioning necessary to construct the marine dock expansion project.