Generating Station Ship Dock Upgrade

Location: Astoria, NY
Owner: Reliant Energy, Inc. Houston, Texas
Completion Date: January 1, 2004
Categories: Specialty Projects, Construction

Reliant Energy’s 1254 Megawatt Electrical Power Generation Plant on Long Island is one of the key suppliers of electricity for New York City. Weeks Marine performed Fast-Track demolition, excavation, and construction of the new A-10 Ship Dock Fuel Offloading Marine Terminal. This facility is also utilized for offloading and transporting of Petroleum fuel bulk products to three Con-Edison power plants.

The project included extensive marine and land structures as well as mechanical and electrical systems. In constructing the facility, Weeks Marine, Inc. demolished 650 feet of existing concrete relieving platform and bulkhead. A new 700 lineal foot tied-back sheet pile bulkhead wall was installed utilizing Weeks Marine’s heavy equipment which cleared extensive underground obstructions. Two pipe pile supported reinforced concrete breasting dolphins and a 50 ft x 40 ft pile supported reinforced concrete fuel offloading platform were also constructed.

Simultaneously, on land Weeks Marine installed 4000 linear feet of underground electrical and mechanical utilities which included a ship fire suppression system. Additionally, Weeks Marine constructed pile supported reinforced concrete mooring structures, as well as facility support buildings. Above ground, there was construction of 130 pipe manifold footing structures and 3000 lineal feet of fuel as well as the installation of steam heavy piping.

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