Havre De Grace Roll-Off

Location: Havre De Grace, MD
Owner: Test
Completion Date: March 25, 2015
Categories: Marine Services, Heavy Lift

When access for a floating crane cannot be accommodated due to restrictions such as bridge heights, our division will perform a roll-off operation. Weeks Marine has vast experience in the roll-on roll-off operations. With skillful planning and engineering the Heavy Division safely delivered seven 250 ton transformers to Havre De Grace, MD. One transformer was received onto the 196 deck barge that was outfitted with a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT). The other transformers were placed onto the Weeks 266 deck barge. The Weeks 196 deck barge was outfitted with a 4100 Manitowoc crane with two spuds. Once the Weeks 196 deck barge was in place at the roll off site on the Susquehanna River the first transformer was rolled off. The 4100 Manitowoc crane was used as mechanical ballasting during the roll- off operation. The roll off barge was then transported outside the three bridges on the Susquehanna River where the Weeks 532 floating crane barge lifted the next unit from the Weeks 266 deck barge and placed onto SPMT that was on the Weeks 196 deck barge. The Weeks 196 was then towed by our Tug Virginia through the bridges and set back into place at the roll-off location. All seven transformers were delivered safely and on schedule. 


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