Houston Ship Channel 14 & 15

Location: Houston, TX
Owner: USACE - Galveston District
Completion Date: August 17, 2015
Categories: Dredging, Harbor Improvement
Dredging:  Initial dredging to remove approximately 1M CY of silt and sand(shoaled) material from the Houston Ship Channel (HSC) with placement into contained placement areas.  Follow up dredging to mine new work clay from the bottom of the HSC for use in construction of approximately 22,000 linear feet of new levee in Galveston Bay.Weeks Marine’s expertise is gained from similar projects involving the utilization of a spill barge for initial placement of hydraulically excavated dredge materials into new levee construction.  30” diameter dredge pipe is placed along the bottom of the Bay to reach the spill barge location where dredged material is placed along the engineered alignment utilizing GPS positioning equipment.  Following initial placement, WMI’s clamshell groupper formed final shaping and grading of the levee in preparation for installation of 250,000 Tons of stone shore protection.

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