Hudson River Park - Recreational Piers

Location: New York, NY
Owner: Hudson River Park Trust
Completion Date: January 1, 2008
Categories: Construction, Urban Waterfronts

Under multiple contracts with the Hudson River Park Trust, Weeks Marine provided demolition and construction services to build recreational piers included in the development of a 550-acre park spanning 5-miles along the Hudson River in Manhattan.

Topside facilities share design elements such as railing, area lighting, and esplanade treatments common throughout the park.  Amenities include seating areas, shade structures, elevated views, and sloping lawns. Boating, fishing, sunbathing, and a playground are some of the recreational activities found on the piers.

The piers are typically constructed of concrete piles up to 135’ in length (with steel stingers), precast concrete pile caps, precast planks, and cast-in-place toppings.  Piers with fenders received a timber system and were outfitted with large concrete floats. Architectural features were added under separate contracts.

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