Inner Harbor Navigation Channel (IHNC)

Location: New Orleans, LA
Owner: USACE- New Orleans District
Completion Date: January 1, 2009
Categories: Dredging, Specialty
WMI’s Dredging Division completed the excavation for the construction access and alignment of a hurricane protection structure at the confluence of the MRGO and the ICW in Metropolitan New Orleans. The construction of the floodwall, accomplished by the Traylor/Massman/Weeks Joint Venture, represents the largest design-build project ever undertaken by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The impetus for the project was provided by Hurricane Katrina, a storm that decimated the city of New Orleans. Dredging of the access/alignment channel involved the removal of 1.2mcy of material which was beneficially used for the creation of marsh in the areas adjacent to construction. The hydraulic cutter suction dredges Capt. Frank and Venture were utilized to accomplish the required dredging and marsh creation.

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