N. 7th St. & Whitehall St. - Fenders & Bollards

Location: Lower Manhattan & Brooklyn, NY
Owner: Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Capital Construction (MTACC) – State of NY
Completion Date: January 1, 2009
Categories: Construction, Modifications & Improvements
In the fall of 2008 Weeks Marine began an 8 month drilling and fender project in New York City intended to protect vent shaft buildings in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Weeks was responsible for installing forty-seven 36” diameter concrete cylinder piles with lengths ranging from 30 to 49 ft. inside a steel casing then closing the space between them with a fender system. A Bauer BG-25 along with two different drill bits handled the task of spinning the casings and removing the material within them. The Weeks-541, a 150T Clyde 32 barge-mounted crane, provided support to the drilling operations. On the Brooklyn side, a 39” auger bit was chosen to clear the debris-laden mud from within the twenty-four 42” diameter casings once they were installed to grade. When the drilling was finished the piles were grouted into place, and 171 LF of timber fender was installed. For the work performed in lower Manhattan, Weeks used a 43” full faced bit with a reverse circulation system to remove the rock and overburden. The twenty-three rock sockets ranged in depth from 7 to 14 ft. The 184 LF fender system used was composed of eleven prefabricated tubular steel sections mounted to bolts set within the piles during the precast process.

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