Earle Naval Weapons Station - Pier Replacement

Location: Raritan Bay, Leonardo, NJ
Owner: U.S. Navy
Completion Date: January 1, 2010
Categories: Construction, NAVFAC & USAGE
Upgrades to existing Pier 2, transfer operations from Pier 3 to Pier 2. Complete demolition of 265,000 sf Pier # 3 with complete removal of 8890 ea timber piles. Disposal of 35,000 tn of debris at off-shore reefs. Dredging with upland disposal of 302,000 m3 of contaminated materials. Installation of 365 ea 42” diameter steel piles with lengths up to 190 lf. Construction of 214,000 sf of very heavy duty concrete superstructure, consisting of a combination of very large precast concrete elements and cast in place concrete, including crane rail and railroad tracks. Electrical installations include 15.4 KV feeder cables to two substations. Mechanical installations comprise of a total of 12,000 lf of piping of various diameters. Six buildings with a total area of 16,200 sf.

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