Paulsboro Marine Terminal: Bulkhead, Dredging & Subgrade

Location: Paulsboro, NJ
Owner: South Jersey Port Corporation
Completion Date: January 1, 2012
Categories: Environmental Dredging, Construction
Dredging and Amending Description:

1. Dredging: This work included the dredging of approximately 240,000 CY of
coarse and fine-grained material from Berth 1 and Berth 2 using a 21 cy Anvil
round nose bucket. After decanting, the material from Berth 1 and 2 was transloaded
to land and beneficially utilized as fill for site development. Additionally,
80,000 CY of material was dredged using a 16cy environmental bucket from
Berth 3 and Berth 4 that contained “Constituents of Concern”. This material
was decanted and stabilized prior to unloading. The decant water from the
COC material was tested to ensure it met NJDEP parameters prior to
discharge. The COC material was tested and stabilized using an in-barge
amending procedure to ensure it was ID-27 compliant for transportation and
disposal at the Gloucester County Solid Waste Complex.

2. Amending: This work involved stabilizing the COC material using an inbarge
processing procedure to inject and mix a cement slurry into the material.
The dredged material processing barge included an in-barge stabilization
process that blends type I Portland cement with dredged material to solidify the
dredged material in order to haul off site to the GCSWC. An LTC Series IV soil
mixing head was adapted to a Cat 385 excavator and a slurry plant was
manufactured to deliver slurry to the soil mixing equipment. The amount of
cement added was approximately 3-6% of the total volume of dredged material.
After amending the final product had to pass the Paint Filter Test prior to
transportation to the GCSWC.

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