Pelham Bay Bridge Rehabilitation

Location: Bronx, NY
Completion Date: January 1, 2011
Categories: Construction, Modifications & Improvements

AMTRAK is making major investments in the New York area to bring its bridges, tracks, and other infrastructure up to a state of good repair, increase track speeds, and improve operations. Consistent with those efforts, Weeks Marine was awarded a portion of that work for the rehabilitation of the Pelham Bay Bridge located along AMTRAK’s Northeast Corridor. The contract called for jacketing 85% of the existing 310 piles, repairing the foundations at two (2) transmission towers, masonry pier repair, and fender and dolphin repair.

New jackets were provided for 266 piles. The work included removing previously performed repair work, 5,300 LF of pile cleaning, excavation around the piles, chipping 2,969 SF of unsound concrete, installing rebar cages and fiberglass forms, grouting operations to encapsulate 4,400 LF of piles, and beveling and sealing the tops of the piles.

Severe erosion at the east and west transmission tower foundations required four (4) bases to be repaired in the tidal zone. The work included grouting, excavation, debris removal, and rebar installation for concrete pours at the bases and walls.

Fender and dolphin repair was also included along with masonry pier repair. Weeks contracted the masonry work to a specialty subcontractor.

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