Location: Manhattan, NY
Owner: Pier55, Inc./Hunter Roberts Constr Group
Completion Date: September 1, 2020
Categories: Construction

Pier55, aka “Little Island”, is a 300 ft x 300 ft pier located on the Hudson River in Manhattan, New York. The pier is part of the overall Hudson River Park and contains public park space, including unique sloping landscapes, seating lawns, pathways, and an amphitheater.

Weeks Marine was contracted for the construction of the pier structure, including the foundations and concrete superstructure. The pier is supported by 267 EA driven 36” diameter concrete piles with bolt-on steel stingers and overall pile lengths varying between 112 ft and 260 ft. The top of pile elevations range from mean low water (MLW) up to 50 ft above MLW. The piles support flat pier precast concrete elements and 132 EA unique curved precast “pot” assemblies along the perimeter of the pier.

Weeks Marine assembled the precast pots offsite and transported the assemblies via barge to the project site for installation. The pots varied in  weight between 35 ton and 100 ton. Each one required a  custom lift plan,  which was designed by Weeks Marine’s in-house engineering department.

All precast elements are joined with cast-in-place concrete closures and concrete decks with over 5000 cubic yards of concrete installed.