Power Plant Components to Woodbridge, NJ from Port Newark

Location: Woodbridge, NJ
Owner: State of New Jersey
Completion Date: March 1, 2015
Categories: Marine Services, Heavy Lift

The Heavy Lift Division of Weeks Marine completed another successful project in our own backyard a few miles from the corporate office in Cranford. There is a new power plant taking form in Woodbridge, NJ just south of the Alfred P. Driscoll Bridge on the Garden State Parkway.  The Heavy Lift group worked for a major construction company receiving twenty Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG’s) and two steam drums from a geared vessel at Military Ocean Terminal (MOT) in Bayonne, NJ.

The size of the twenty HRSG are 97’ long x 14’ wide x 17’ high weighing approximately 200 tons each.  The two steam drums were 53’ long x 10’ wide x 11’ high weighing approximately 30 tons each. With the size and quantity of the oversized cargo the division utilized the two ABS classed deck barges, the Weeks 2701 and the Weeks 2703 to receive all twenty two of the power generation components directly from the geared vessel.  The Weeks 533 500 ton floating crane was then set up on location in Woodbridge, NJ and discharged the cargo to waiting self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

From loading the cargo shipside onto the barges and then finally discharging them onto the SPMT’s at the site, the evolution took approximately 7 days and was flawless in execution.  

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