Repauno Wharf Construction

Location: Gibbstown, NJ
Owner: Delaware River Partners, LLC
Completion Date: January 1, 2019
Categories: Dredging, Construction

The Repauno Wharf Construction consisted of Weeks Marine acting as the general contractor. The dredging division was responsible for 348,000 cubic yards of material being dredged in the marginal wharf construction, which included 100,000 cubic yards of material requiring amendment and upland disposal. The original timber wharf was demolished and removed, and 294 30” x ¾“, ranging from 101-111 ft, pipe piles were driven. Additionally, 54 24” x 5/8” pipe piles were driven for the dolphins and walkway support structures. The precast caps, panels, and fascia were installed on the pipe piles, while 6,000+ cubic yards of cast in place concrete deck, dolphins, pile plugs, and closures were poured. The construction division built approximately 60,000 square ft of wharf, consisting of 348 steel pipe piles, 1 breasting dolphin, 2 mooring dolphins, and 2 walkway support structures.