Valero Multiple Loading Arms & Soils Program

Location: San Nicolas, Aruba
Owner: Valero Refining Company Aruba N.V.
Completion Date: January 1, 2011
Categories: Specialty Projects, Construction

The Weeks’ 80-ton W-751 jack-up crane barge was used to remove and replace marine loading arms at Valero’s Reef Berth 2 and Finger Piers 1 and 3.  Fifteen MLA’s were removed in total.

Each MLA weighed approximately 23 U.S. tons.  The jack-up crane barge was in water depths up to 80 feet.

While on site, Weeks Marine also used the jack-up as a platform for Valero to conduct a soils boring program for a future berth and to perform various other lifts for piping and miscellaneous equipment.

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