Wharf Improvements

Location: Port Elizabeth, NJ
Owner: A.P.M. Terminals
Completion Date: January 1, 2004
Categories: Construction, Modifications & Improvements
Modifications and strengthening of 2020 lf of existing container wharf to accommodate Post-Panamax container ships. Installation of underwater sheetpile cut-off wall to allow future deepening. Demolition of existing waterside cranerail and driving of additional piles under that rail. New landside crane rail to accommodate new 100’ gauge container cranes. In total 482 piles were installed: in the crane tie-down areas the piles received drilled rock sockets. The existing fender system was removed and replaced with state of the art fenders. Site work consisted of excavation and backfilling and new pavement. A new substation and associated duct banks brought power to the cable trench.

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