Wharf Replacement

Location: Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA
Owner: NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic
Completion Date: January 1, 2010
Categories: NAVFAC & USAGE, Construction

The project entailed three distinct areas of work within the Norfolk Naval Shipyard; the rehabilitation of the existing Pier 3 within the Controlled Industrial Area (CIA), the installation of a 35 KV electrical distribution system from the south side of the shipyard into the CIA, and the installation of a new sheet pile and concrete bulkhead at Berth 2 at the north end of the shipyard. 

Notable Features at Pier 3 included the demolition of the existing fender system and utility trench along the bulkhead, followed by the installation of a precast, prestressed concrete cylinder pile bulkhead wall, faced with precast concrete fender panels.  New concrete piling, crane rail runway beams, railroad track, and mechanical/electrical/communications systems were installed. 

Notable Features at Berth 2 included the demolition of the existing fendering system, restoration of the existing granite coping and installation of a new bulkhead.  This bulkhead was supported by (167) 30” diameter steel pipe piles that were then cast within 11,000 cy of mass tremie concrete placed behind a new AZ sheet pile bulkhead 800 feet in length. 

Notable Features at Gosport 35KV included the installation of a new pre-fabricated 34.5 kV distribution station building and 2900 LF+ of new concrete duct bank under active heavy railroad and through the active shipyard.  Also included were new feeders to Pier 3 through new and existing duct banks and installation of concrete pads and pad mounted switch gear at Pier 6.

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