Golden Pass

Sabine Pass, TX
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Sabine Pass, TX
Successfully designing, procuring and constructing a marine facility to support large capacity LNG vessels on a fast-track schedule.

These marine facilities have been specially designed to support the unloading of a wide range of LNG vessels, with capacity to up to 264,000 CM (Q-Max). Each berth includes an unloading platform, five LNG unloading arms, a gangway, fire monitor tower, six mooring dolphins, three breasting dolphins with fenders, mooring hooks, walkways and an integrated berthing and load monitoring system. The facility also includes Tug berths to support four tractor tugs.

The unloading platforms comprised of precast pile caps and deck slabs with a cast-in-place deck are supported by fifty-four concrete cylinder piles. Flexible dolphins are supported by 8-10 ft diameter monopiles, reaching up to 180 ft in length. The dolphin topsides are prefabricated steel assemblies that have been welded to the monopiles. Roadway and pipe way trestles are on 36” diameter steel piles up to 133 ft in length, made of precast pile caps and precast box beams with a cast-in-place deck. Fireproofed steel mezzanines support the LNG piping and the design concept utilizes precast and pre-fabricated segments to minimize the over-water construction time. The success of this fast-track Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project was aided by the highly cooperative partnership between the Owner and Client that ensured critical operational requirements were achieved while maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality throughout the construction process.

Sabine Pass, TX
GPLNG, LP (Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips)
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