IIF® Journey: A Shared Vision and Value

The Weeks Marine community—the company and its employees—is committed to an Incident and Injury-Free (IIF) workplace. IIF is not a goal, not a number, not a priority, and not a result. It is a mindset and a value. When an IIF attitude is nurtured, people do not live and work safely out of motivation to be in compliance with some standard or to avoid punishment, but because it is the right thing to do.

Health and Safety Innovations

The goal of Weeks Marine is to provide project support that encourages an environment free of hazards for all individuals within the project scope—both contractors and the public alike.

Weeks Marine is committed to the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HS&E); to this end, we have created and implemented Health, Safety, and Environmental Manuals, which follow the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Safety Management System, OHSAS 18000/ISO 14001, and the AWO Responsible Carrier Program. The HS&E Management systems are an extension of IIF® as it fills an important part of the overall IIF Integral Model—namely, policies, procedures, work processes, and training.

Safety and Health Management Center - Safety-Reports: a web-based iPhone OS/Android smartphone/Tablet software solution used to reduce time spent in creating safety-audit and observation reports, and corrective-action closeout. It also improves the accuracy of tracking and provides real-time leading indicator data. This system helps to analyze trends using graphical data and helps to develop timely intervention and targeted special emphasis programs in our journey to provide an Incident and Injury Free work environment.

Safety Observation System: teaches employees to eliminate hazards and dangerous conditions by correcting and redirecting unsafe behavior through positive coaching, feedback, and actively caring for their fellow workers.

The IIF Journey Home

The Incident and Injury-Free journey is meant to provide an environment that continually encourages each employee to make and sustain a commitment to the highest level of safety awareness. Making it personal, relevant, and important impacts their choices and actions, so that they go home incident and injury free every day.