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Weeks cranes drive piles for a temporary ferry berth at Ellis Island and aid in the installation of a combi-wall.


Weeks is internationally recognized as a leader in marine construction, working across multiple market sectors including energy, transportation, heavy civil infrastructure, environmental remediation and coastal resiliency. Our expertise and deep understanding of the marine environment makes us our client’s premier choice to construct their waterfront needs from building new bulkheads and berthing structures to constructing highly unique waterfront projects.

We are at our best when we can bring the full expertise, creativity and resources of our company, including Dredging and Marine Services, to execute complex projects and provide an efficient and seamless experience for our clients across varied and often challenging geographical locations. Additionally, our unparalleled inventory of specialized equipment and yard locations along the Eastern Seaboard and the Gulf gives us the ability to self-perform the construction of large, complex projects in a variety of coastal zones. Through our key subsidiaries, Healy Tibbitts Builders and McNally International, our operations span beyond the US and Central America, extending across the Central Pacific and to Canada.
Markets We Serve
Weeks plays a vital role in the transmission of energy around the globe. We build the shipping and barge loading facilities that are used in the marine-based transportation of liquid and granular petroleum based energy products. Beyond working with the traditional energy industry, we also support the renewable energy market, recently having assisted with the construction of America’s first commercial offshore wind farm offshore. Adding to our services, we construct marine pipelines for the movement of gas and liquids, and we perform the installation of ocean renewable energy systems. 
Marine / Heavy Civil Infrastructure 
We specialize in the building of ports, docks, wharves, piers, bridges, and other waterfront structures across diverse regions for private and government clients. The world depends on reliable and well-built marine infrastructure with nearly 90% of the global economy’s goods moved by ship, and the transportation of people by ferry. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard also need robust marine infrastructure to carry out their daily duties and to support critical operations. We are skilled in handling challenging conditions, including working around active marine facilities, meeting our client’s schedule demands, and managing diverse geological site conditions. Our expertise includes demolition and salvage as well.
Transportation (Bridges and Tunnels)
Weeks contributes to the development of vital transportation infrastructure through the construction of bridges, causeway structures and immersed tube tunnels. We also build boardwalks and esplanades, enabling pedestrians and cyclists to easily travel along and experience the waterfront. Weeks offers maintenance and repair services, including the hardening of bridges and tunnels as a protection against natural forces and in the interest of national security.
Environmental Remediation and Coastal Resiliency
From crisis situations to long-term planning, we construct sound solutions for the environmental sector. With risk factors like natural erosion, sea level rise and storm surge posing a rising threat to the integrity of land and marine infrastructure, our expertise in constructing protections through armoring and other shoreline protection techniques is becoming more and more vital. Our services also include the environmental dredging of contaminated sediment in ports, rivers and coastal waterways, emergency response following train derailments and other catastrophic accidents, and the retrofitting of facilities to mitigate contamination. In certain cases, our work provides ecological enhancements through the creation of marine ecosystems.
Specialty Projects
Weeks construction expertise and in-house engineering has allowed us to take on the highly unique and technically challenging projects on the waterfront. Recent specialty projects include the construction of Little Island at Pier55 in Manhattan, NY which involved the assembly and installation of 132 unique tulip shaped precast concrete “pots” on a field of cylinder piles to form the park’s distinct supporting structure. In addition, Weeks was well positioned to respond to and support the salvage of the Golden Ray cargo ship off St. Simons Island in Georgia, where we led the design and installation of the Environmental Protection Barrier required around the salvage site.
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