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We recognize the importance of sustainability as a business decision and as an obligation. Our vision is to create a culture of environmental and social responsibility while supporting the growth of our company and meeting the needs of our clients and industry. We draw on over a century of successes and best-in-class equipment to create sustainable solutions for our clients. Building on our legacy of delivering mission-critical infrastructure, marine construction, and resilient waterways, Weeks Marine is proud of our Corporate Sustainability Program. With a strong commitment to each other, our communities, clients, and planet, we will meet our ambitious sustainability goals and act responsibly in every aspect of our business.
We are family, friends, community, and part of something bigger. The most important resource our company has is our people. We actively work to create a sustainable workplace in which health, safety and the wellness of our employees are the top priority. We also have the means to engage and improve our communities through volunteering and financial support, ensuring that the needs of the people in our communities are met.
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Committed to creating healthy and resilient coastal communities. Our planet has finite resources and natural cycles that are necessary for the survival of all living things. Additionally, environmental impacts do not affect our society equally, as those most affected are generally those that have the fewest resources and need the most help.  As environmental stewards we can ensure that our work, which is critical to the economy and our way of life, is completed with the highest degree of care and protection for our planet.
Working cleaner, safer, faster, while driving sustainable growth. Sustainability-driven innovation is a core priority for Weeks. We demonstrate innovation in our processes and actions as well as our equipment, as demonstrated through repowering of vessels, electrifying certain operations, and our procurement of E-Cranes, the most energy efficient hydraulic cranes available on the market. Building on our tradition of continual innovation, we will strive in all aspects of our business to operate with the least impact to the environment and to improve the well-being of our employees.
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Sustainability is a core priority
At Weeks, we are integrating sustainability into our thinking on a daily basis.
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At Weeks, safety isn’t just a goal. It’s a mindset that permeates every aspect of our work.
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