North Boca Raton 2017_DRE E (Retouched)
Weeks' dredge C.R. McCaskill off the coast of Boca Raton supporting a beach nourishment project


An industry leader, our highly experienced Dredging teams provide turnkey services throughout North America. Dredging is vital to maintaining our waterways that keep our way of life moving and to fortifying our infrastructure and coastlines. From the Gulf coast and along the Eastern Seaboard and Canada to our inland rivers, Weeks works with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and Port Authorities to keep shipping channels and pathways functioning. Working with Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and numerous other governmental agencies across the gulf coast and the eastern seaboard, Weeks restores and maintains our coastlines, providing hurricane and storm damage risk reduction systems while also recreating natural habitats to support a diverse range of wildlife.

Weeks provides a cohesive dredging services lifecycle, specializing in both capital and maintenance dredging for deep or shallow draft navigation, as well as coastal restoration and protection. We own, operate and maintain an extensive fleet of modern dredging and support equipment with talented employees including project managers, engineers, technicians and maritime professionals with experience and qualifications that are second to none.
Areas of Focus
Waterway Infrastructure
Our work in this arena is imperative in the maintenance of national and international trade. Weeks has vast experience in the deepening and widening of existing waterways, as well as the removal of land to build new ship terminals. These measures are imperative to facilitate the movement of massive ships. We also excel at the maintenance of navigational channels through the periodic removal of accumulated shoal material, working in both deep draft and shallow channels in support of barge transportation systems. As a result of this work, Weeks is proud to contribute to the beneficial use of previously wasted dredged material, disposing of it instead in an environmentally sound manner. Weeks can handle a range of material types and we understanding the associated regional challenges. Our dredging equipment is tailored to address this diversity, and our performance expertise spans the East and Gulf Coast regions. We frequently work in concert with our Construction and Marine Services divisions to achieve synergies in the design and execution of projects and can take on related land-based projects, including marsh and beach creation, as well as offshore placement of materials.
Coastal Restoration
With decades of experience in restoration services, we are experts in coastal resiliency and can deliver a wide range of efficient solutions. We place great value on the spirit of partnership and Weeks has long played an important role in protecting and strengthening America’s coastal zones. The majority of our coastal restoration work is in Louisiana, where we implement hurricane and storm damage risk reduction systems, rebuilding marshes, islands and beaches that had been degraded or destroyed. Our deep understanding of how to feed and support a system of beaches through the reintroduction of sand is integral to this practice. A positive result of the creation of storm damage reduction systems is the development of tourist destinations that generate income for states and townships and enhance the environment. In addition, given our diverse and sizable fleet of equipment, we can mobilize to support navigational or coastal emergencies. From crisis situations to recreational opportunities, Weeks is familiar with the range of scenarios involving coastal protection.
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