Our standards are the source of the trust and success that are reflected in our relationships with clients, customers, suppliers, owners, and each other. We have built a reputation as a trustworthy and ethical corporation among our customers, employees, and within the communities where we serve and live. To ensure that we continue to maintain our well-earned reputation, we abide by the letter and spirit of our Code of Conduct in our individual roles, every single day.

The Weeks Marine Compliance Program is comprised of corporate controls to ensure that we adhere to all regulations, policies, laws, and procedures. Due to the highly regulated and specialized industry in which we work, and in order to provide greater expertise, guidance, and resources to our employees, we have both a Corporate Compliance Officer and a Regulatory Compliance Officer. Employees are expected to understand and comply with all laws and regulations and are also required to seek guidance if any questions or concerns arise. Employees are expected to report any known or suspected violation to either their supervisor, any supervisor with whom they feel comfortable, Human Resources, the Legal and Compliance Department, or by contacting the Weeks Marine Compliance Reporting Line, which is available 24/7:

  • US & Canada: 1-800-901-1087
  • Mexico: 800-681-8166
  • Outside North America: (country code) 314-628-2959

This hotline gives employees an opportunity to report their concern anonymously. Weeks Marine prohibits retaliation, in any form, against anyone who, in good faith, reports violations or suspected violations of our Code of Conduct, Company Policy, or applicable law, or who assists in the investigation of a reported violation.