We are a company born on the water, at home on the water, working together to preserve and improve our way of life.
We draw on over a century of success to create the most effective and innovative solutions in marine construction, dredging, marine services, tunneling and aggregates, with best-in-class equipment.
Building and protecting the foundations of a global economy.
Keeping our way-of-life moving and protected.
Creative solutions in support of diverse marine work.
Connecting and safeguarding people and communities.
Providing the building blocks for vital industries.
What’s New
In our own words
“I was 10 years old going to the yard in Jersey City with my father when he worked for Weeks and 25 years later, I’m still here, managing that same yard.”
— Chris Devlin, Greenville Yard Manager
Our Culture
Together, we work to protect, build and maintain the waterways, coastlines, ports, marine infrastructure and tunnels that are integral to our economy and communities.