NJ Wind Port Demolition & Dredging

Salem County, NJ
Preparing for construction of the first purpose-built wind port on the East Coast

Weeks Marine was contracted to support this project in two phases – demolition and dredging – leveraging our collaborative expertise. Starting in July of 2022, our Construction Division demolished an existing timber bulkhead and extracted 810 timber piles. We also removed 16,000 tons of riprap, stockpiling it onsite for future use. The team ran double shifts using a Liebherr 895 crawler crane on the Weeks 61 deck barge for all of the demolition. A heavy digging bucket was used to demo and load three DOS scows which cycled riprap to a loading dock on site where the material was then offloaded by Weeks 551, loaded into offroad dump trucks by an excavator on land, and hauled to a stockpile area on site. Timber was loaded into a 4th DOS scow and transloaded in Whites Basin, where it was processed and hauled offsite.

Our dredging work on the project started in September of 2022 and lasted through February of 2023. Weeks was contracted to dig out the new berth dock area and remove the material to allow other contractors to install concrete piles for the new wharf. The total area we dredged was 1450 feet by 125 feet with a total of approximately 165,000 pay yards of sediment. The team used our Weeks 551 clamshell dredge and the Weeks 320 unloader to pump the material from the scows to the upland disposal area that was about 5,000 feet away from the offload location.

Salem County, NJ
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