Lower Passaic River Remediation

Newark, NJ
_01_Lower Passaic River Sediment Removal 1
Bringing construction and dredging expertise together to provide environmental remediation of a vital waterway.

Weeks Marine was subcontracted to Arcadis-US, Inc. for the construction of an enclosure measuring approximately 1,150 feet to be used as a barrier for the contained dredging and backfill of the identified section. This enclosure was built using 62’-6” HZ 880M-A12 king piles and 35’ AZ-13 sheet piles. A tie back system comprised of thirty-eight tie backs, measuring 82’ each, was also constructed to maintain the existing wall during dredging operations. Once the enclosure was built, 40,000 CY of environmental and hazardous material was dredged within the enclosure. Following this, 40,000 CY of grit and sand was used to backfill the area and then the enclosure was removed. Dredged material was processed on-site for shipping in-land or incineration.

Newark, NJ
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