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Hampton, VA
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The current four-lane bridge-tunnel that runs along 3.5 miles of I-64 in Norfolk and Hampton Virginia is being expanded with two new twin tunnels that run across the Norfolk Harbor. This will help resolve major congestion and increase overall transit capacity. Weeks Marine was sub-contracted to expand the island in length and width at the north end of the tunnel where the bridge transitions into the tunnel, allowing for the expanded capacity required by the two new tunnels. Weeks’ specific fleet of specialty equipment, particularly our large gantry cranes that are capable of placing big rock across 350-foot areas without needing to move the barge it sits on, agile excavators equipped with sophisticated GPS systems for shaping, and even a custom designed and built conveyor barge for unloading the large quantity of sand, made us uniquely capable of completing this expansion project within the desired timeframe. First a perimeter berm of rock was constructed out of three different layers of rock, and then the inside area was backfilled with hundreds of thousands of tons of sand that needed to be delivered to the site by barge and unloaded using our custom-built conveyor barge. Though led by the construction group, the project benefited from seamless collaboration across multiple Weeks’ expertise areas including marine services and dredging.

Hampton, VA
Virginia Department of Transportation
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