Little Island at Pier55

New York City
Constructing a unique addition to New York City’s coastline that hosts millions of visitors a year.

Barry Diller and the Diller-Von Furstenberg Family Foundation, in partnership with the Hudson River Park Trust, envisioned Little Island, a green space in the Hudson River. Weeks Marine was responsible for the one-of-a-kind pier construction that supports this two and half acre park on the Hudson River in lower Manhattan. Mobilization commenced in 2018, with the Weeks 526 arriving on site to drive 267 cylindrical piles. These piles provide foundational support for the 132 tulip-shaped concrete pots which give Little Island its distinct aesthetic. The tulip pots range in height from 10 to 30 feet and vary in weight to up to 75 tons. Since no two pots are exactly alike, Weeks developed 132 unique lift plans and engineered custom spreader beams and assembly frames for the erection of the pots. Since its opening in May 2021, Little Island has had over one million people visiting its unique sloping landscapes, seating lawns, pathways and amphitheater. With over 350 species of flowers, trees, and shrubs, Little Island provides a gathering space for community engagements with an emphasis on art and educational workshops. This creative public space will have a long-lasting impact on New York City.

New York City
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