Block Island Offshore Wind

Block Island, RI
Powering a community with affordable electric power with an offshore windfarm.

Block Island has been powered by Diesel generators since 1925 and in an effort to find a new sustainable solution that would also provide affordable electric power for the Block Island residents, the idea for a submarine transmission cable for electricity powered by off-shore wind turbines was devised.

3 miles off the coast of Block Island, the windfarm was designed to include five GE turbines totaling 30 megawatts. It was important to the client that the contractor team be American, and so the windfarm system was designed so that it could be built by US compliant vessels.

Weeks[EF1]  transported the jackets, drove pile through them to secure them in place, and completed all welding and repair painting in order for the foundations to receive the wind turbines and cabling. The Weeks 533 and Weeks 526 crane barges were onsite to pick up the uniquely designed jackets, which when in final position, would be semi-submerged in the water with topsides rising 20 feet to 95 feet above the water depending. The jackets were then secured with 300-foot-long piles driven into each of the four corners, tops welded and finally grouted.

Due to intense challenges brought on by unexpected weather, Weeks needed to be resourceful and flexible in sourcing new solutions to get the job done on schedule. In order to improve our ability to continue the work despite waves averaging over 3 ft, our floating rigs needed support so we brought in a lift boat with a 500-ton crane through a sub-contractor. Using a Minc 800s hammer, the LB Robert supported the majority of the pile driving along with the Weeks 526.

[EF1]Weeks had the right equipment for the job and brought Manson Construction in as a JV partner to help transport and install the foundations.

Block Island, RI
Deepwater Wind, currently Orsted
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